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Sta­ti­stik: BNI pr. ind­byg­ger — Atlas metoden

BNI per ind­byg­ger et mål af per-​​​​capita natio­na­lind­kom­sten, som ofte anven­des ved sam­men­lig­ning af for­skel­lige lan­des vel­stand. Den bereg­nes på grund­lag af Brut­to­na­tio­na­lind­kom­sten, et af de begre­ber, som ind­går i natio­nal­regn­skabs­lig­nin­gen. Atlas meto­den er en mere præ­cis måde at omregne valutaer…

Sta­ti­stik: Erhvervsfrekvens

Labor force par­ti­ci­pa­tion rate angi­ver stør­rel­sen af den del af befolk­nin­gen der er 15 år eller ældre og som er øko­no­misk aktive. Dvs. de men­ne­sker der yder arbejds­kraft til pro­duk­tion af varer og ser­vi­ces i en spe­ci­fik tidsperiode.

Paul Craig Roberts — Inci­pi­ent Fascist State

Paul Craig Roberts (born April 3, 1939) is an Ame­ri­can eco­no­mist and a colum­nist for Cre­a­tors Syn­di­cate. He ser­ved as an Assi­stant Secre­tary of the Trea­sury in the Rea­gan Admi­ni­stra­tion and was noted as a co-​​founder of Rea­ga­no­mics.[1] He is a for­mer edi­tor and colum­nist for the Wall Street Jour­nal, Busi­ness Week, and Scripps Howard News Ser­vice. He has testi­fied before con­gres­sio­nal com­mit­tees on 30 occa­sions on issues of eco­no­mic policy.

Any­one who doesn’t believe that the US is an inci­pi­ent fascist state needs only to con­sult the latest assault on civil liberty by Fox News (sic). Instead of infor­m­ing citizens, Fox News (sic) informs on citizens. Jason Ditz reports (antiwar​.com Dec. 28) that Fox News (sic) “no lon­ger con­tent to sim­ply shill for a growing police state,” tur­ned in a grand­mo­t­her to the Depart­ment of Homeland Security for­making “anti-​​American comments.”

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The euro-​​zone eco­nomy: The long road back | The Economist

Europe is to be con­gra­tu­la­ted on avoi­ding a Depres­sion (in most of its mem­ber sta­tes) and a cata­strop­hic break-​​up (for now). But if Europe’s lea­ders are wise they would use this occa­sion not to cele­brate but to reflect on just how badly they have per­for­med, and to get busy lear­ning from their mistakes.

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Snow­den kan redde USA fra at blive et Stasi-​​samfund

Reuters Data Centre, Richard Rogers Development

photo: .Mar­tin.

Snow­dens afslø­rin­ger af en hidtil uset over­våg­ning af almin­de­lige bor­ge­res digi­tale spor og tele­tra­fik giver os en chance for at til­ba­gerulle, hvad der reelt sva­rer til et kup imod den ame­ri­kan­ske for­fat­ning, skri­ver Daniel Ells­berg — man­den der i 1971 læk­kede Pentagon-​​papirerne til New York Times

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Google, Face­book, Apple, Micro­soft and Even More Tech Com­pa­nies Caught Spy­ing For the US NSA | Giz­modo UK

Wow. Not­hing is sacred. The Was­hin­g­ton Post has discove­red that the US’ Natio­nal Security Agency and the FBI have tea­med up to tap into the ser­vers of nine US tech companies—Microsoft, Google, Face­book, Apple, you name it—and have extra­cted e-​​mails, pho­to­graphs, audio, video, docu­ments and con­nection logs. They basi­cally have free reign to take wha­te­ver they want. And they’ve been doing it since 2007

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5 Scary Myths You Pro­bably Believe About the Eco­nomy | Cra​cked​.com

Pun­dits love to tell us that the Ame­ri­can eco­nomy is circling the drain due to the reces­sion and poli­ti­ci­ans throwing money out the win­dow like it’s made of bees. To hear them say it, Ame­rica is always just on the cusp of a Mad Max-​​style bla­sted hellscape.

But in the midst of all that doom and gloom, there are a whole bunch of very smart people saying that things aren’t nearly as bad as the inf­lam­ma­tory head­li­nes make it look. We aren’t saying they’re right (spoi­ler alert: nobody can actu­ally pre­dict the eco­nomy), but there’s no rea­son why we should always assume the pes­si­mists are right, eit­her. So if not­hing else, it will improve your mood a bit to hear …

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